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Tammy Mazzocco, Real Estate Agent

by Chris Holden - February 17th, 2017.
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In Cleveland, Ohio the 2016 real estate market enjoyed its best year since 2005, but in December the market was down a bit, but most realtors feel that this trend does not foretell a problem. One factor that helped the real estate market in 2016 was a trend with the solid creation of jobs and mortgage rates that were exceptionally low. This gave buyers the fuel to dive into the homeowner market with enthusiasm.

However, in November, mortgage rates began to rise and the holidays seemed to put a damper on the consumers’ interest in housing needs. Another factor that always is influential in a housing market was the tightening up of the availability of inventory. Even with mortgage rates at the 4% level has not affected prospective buyers’ that much as the housing availability is probably the most influential thing right now.

Cleveland realtor Tammy Mazzocco seems to agree as she is just as enthusiastic about her customers getting into a home as ever. Tammy, who started in the real estate field as a property manager, puts a lot of emphasis on treating the prospective buyer as though she were dealing with someone like herself.

Mazzocco says on her Ideamensch interview that her attitude and work ethic will do more for her success than worrying about how the immediate market trends affect things. Her motto of “being who you are and staying with it” do more for productivity and ultimate success than focusing too much on things which you can do nothing about.

Successful real estate brokers like Mazzocco have a lot to do with keeping buyers informed about homes to buy because without their activity and knowledge, most buyers would not know where to look, nor would they have as much access to homes as they do.

Tammy works smart and stays organized, focusing on the leads that she receives from Zillow and similar services that tell her of prospective buyers that post on the internet.


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