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Technology and Social Networking: Skout, A Great Way to Meet Others

by Chris Holden - January 18th, 2015.
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With the advent of the internet dating websites and applications have been flourishing. Skout is a prime example of how the dating scene is changing and improving with technology. Applications like Skout make it easy to reach out and connect with people that you may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Skout hosts an easy to use interface and is available for free on Android and Apple’s iOs making it accessible to almost anyone that has a smart phone. With a revolutionary new method of contacting others called Shake to Chat users of Skout are connected to each other by shaking their phones. This method of connection is new in the market and provides a fun experience to those looking to meet new people, and it’s easy!

On the front page of Skout you’re greeted with the faces of hundreds of people who are online and logged into the application. Touching the people’s images retrieves their profile and allows you to begin interacting with them. From this screen you are able to perform a variety of things such as winking at them, sending them a virtual gift, or simply just initiating a conversation with them. This interface provides an easy way for people to contact each other but it isn’t the only way.

As was mentioned before, the new revolutionary method of contacting someone called Shake to Chat is available by scrolling to the left from the main page. After initiating the shake to chat you are paired with another person using the application randomly and are given 40 seconds to communicate before your profiles are revealed. The conversation doesn’t automatically end after 40 seconds but most people enjoy moving on to the next person relatively quickly. This can provide a really fun experience and is great to pass time and meet new people. However, while these methods are fun, the best features of the application are available via micro-transactions such as giving virtual gifts, or sending out mass winks to dozens of people. With these methods you can really begin to solidify relationships or meet many people, however, these methods are still not the only ways to reach out to others.

A useful feature called Buzz displays local users of the application and many people find this to be the best method of meeting people as they are in your area. Buzz also displays the friends that you have made using the application and provides an easy method of reaching them.

Overall, Skout is a great application with many features that are easy to use and navigate. With its rising popularity and nearly endless amount of users the application can be a limitless source of entertainment for owners of smart phones. The Shake to Chat and the Buzz features of Skout are arguably the best available in the social networking market today. If you are looking for a great application to interact with people in your area or around the globe, Skout is the way to go.

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