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Technology Investor Shervin Pishevar Takes On Business And Education Roles

by Chris Holden - February 9th, 2018.
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Shervin Pishevar is an expert in technology and investing who has taken these two areas of passion for himself and made them into a successful career. The success achieved by the former medical researcher has seen him come to the attention of many U.S. Government agencies who have provided him with various awards and positions of importance in the education and entrepreneurial fields.

President Barrack Obama made the decision to place Shervin Pishevar on the board of the William J. Fulbright International Scholarship fund in 2015 as the University of California graduate has spent much of his career working in education sector in the state of Maryland. Pishevar spent much of the early part of the 21st-century working to build a successful public school department in Maryland’s Montgomery County as the Vice President of the school board responsible for forging the educational career of more than 120,000 students. The success achieved by Shervin Pishevar in his educational roles has not gone unnoticed by U.S. Government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, who named the Iranian-born business expert as an “Outstanding American by Choice” in 2012.

The career of Shervin Pishevar began when he was studying at the University of California and was named co-author of a paper designed to form the first way of studying and researching torture around the world in an effective way; groups including the United Nations adopted the research and documentation practices of Istanbul Protocol at the end of the 20th-century despite Pishevar himself only being 21 at the time the initial paper was published.

As a technology investor, there are a number of interests for Shervin Pishevar including his role as an advisor for many of the top tech companies in the world. In a bid to make sure as much funding as possible is found for tech companies Pishevar has taken up important roles with brands including Uber, Warby Parker, and Tumblr. The responsibility for building important business partnerships has included Shervin Pishevar agreeing to give the keynote address at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit curated by President Barrack Obama.

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