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TeenSafe Brings the Power back to the Parent’s Hands

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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TeenSafe, a child monitoring app for cellphones, recently joined up with FOSI, the Family Online Safety Institute. As two organizations that have similar goals, it made sense for the two to team up in order to pursue their mission together. TeenSafe is an app that allows parents to keep up with their child’s social media activity; FOSI is trying to make the online world safer for all users.


Ralph Acosta, the CEO of TeenSafe, took the opportunity to speak about the new partnership saying: “We are pleased to join the outstanding digital safety education efforts of FOSI.” The CEO of FOSI shared similar comments.


Many giants in the tech industry are already a part of FOSI. These companies include Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. TeenSafe is more involved in the internet safety movement than any of these companies, focusing all of their efforts exclusively on internet safety for children.


TeenSafe is able to offer a variety of services to concerned parents.


TeenSafe allows parents to choose which apps their children are able to use. By limiting the list of apps a child can use, a parent is able to secure their child’s internet activity without even being in the same room with them. TeenSafe is able to block dangerous and unwanted apps.


In addition to controlling which apps a child may use, TeenSafe also controls when a child can use their phone. Parents are able to “freeze” a child’s phone whenever they want, meaning it will only be able to make and receive calls and nothing else. For example, when a child steps behind the wheel of a car, a parent can turn the app on, ensuring that their child isn’t texting and driving.


Parents can often feel out of control in regards to their child’s internet habits. TeenSafe puts control back into a parents life, providing security and safety for their children.


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