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The Beauty Of America

by Chris Holden - February 24th, 2017.
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Doug Levitt is doing something very important with “The Greyhound Diaries”. Aside from making a living by doing what he enjoys, something most of us only dream of, he is making us all aware that we have more similarities than differences. You can see this in the pictures of travelers that he puts on his website. While there are obvious physical differences, there is a commonality that runs through everybody: They are all poor. Or at least what the rest of us may consider poor by financial measures. What this commonality does is bring people together in a way that is not really talked about in the living rooms across America. While the rest of us are concerned with paying our bills, working our jobs and keeping up with the Jones’s, there is a large cross section of America who live hand to mouth and day by day. They know more about the importance of friendship and helping one another out than the people who are busy running in the rat race.


Life is different on the road in a Greyhound bus and in the bus stations across America. Some might say it is a shiftless life, but others would argue that it is a life free of the stress and worry that the 9 to 5’ers have to put up with. You can see it in the faces and in the eyes of the travelers that Doug Levitt has photographed. They may be “down” by others’ standards, but they are not out. They are simply out there, doing what they do, with smiles on their faces and, for the most part, stress free. It is not a life for everyone, that’s for sure, but for the people who have made it their life……they stick together, they don’t argue about petty subjects and they get to see the beauty of America every day. This too is self evident after you learn more about Doug Levitt and what he is doing out there.

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