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The Best Lawyers in America Recognition

by Chris Holden - April 17th, 2019.
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In Miami, a lot of recognition are received by Kluger Kaplan, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Todd Levine, P.L. from the chief lawyers in America. These lawyers are very talented and committed to their work all day. Alan Kluger, Todd Levine and Abbey Kaplan were highlighted within the category of Real Estate Litigation. Kluger Kaplan received other recognition for Entertainment Law, Business Litigations and also in the sectors of Mergers and Acquisitions. Bruce Katzen dealt with securities and Capital Markets Law Business Litigation like Kaplan. Kluger Kaplan got his acknowledgements for being an expert in category of Family Law and Banking and Finance Litigation. Steve Silverman and Philippe Lieberman were also not left behind, were also acknowledged as well.

Besides, to the firm’s investment partnership, another Lawyer, Deborah Chames, was honored for the much she had achieved in the category of Family Law attorney. All this team was honored for the good work they did in the Law Firm. According to the best lawyers in America, the team worked hand in hand to produce a well and transparent work in their firm.

Todd Levine is the founder member of the firm. He got his degree in finance in the year 1988 at University of Florida. He went on and did law at the Florida University, Levin College and graduated in 1991. Todd Levine tackles every kind of business cases and goes through, even focusing in having firm on estate litigation. Todd Levine also tackles the cases for real estate middle men, owners of property, private and public institutions, and many more.

Kluger being a trial attorney, his center of attention for his practice is three major concepts. These are, strong strategy, thorough preparation, and deep understanding of the law. Kluger Kaplan has been there for the robust entrepreneurs and wealthy persons who had very complicated cases in the country and went through them successfully. Dean-Kluger Charitable Foundation was made under his help due to the love he had to his family and society at large. This foundation assists other charitable organizations in the country.

More so, Kaplan is very skilled and also experienced in handling very complicated cases within the sector of business tort cases and commercial litigation.

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