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The Building Blocks Of A Papa John’s Legacy- Steve Ritchie

by Chris Holden - June 22nd, 2020.
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For the last twenty years, Papa John’s has continued to offer its customer world-class services and services. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the company has retained the first position on customer satisfaction for over sixteen years since it was founded.

Papa John’s is based in Kentucky, and over the last two decades, the company has grown to be a leader in the pizza delivery industry. The popularity of Papa John’s has seen it grow into one of the top three pizza company across the globe. To learn more about Steve Ritchie, view his Crunchbase profile.

Steve Ritchie has been at the company since ’96. For the last decade, he has been of significant impact on the growth scale of the company. Starting as a representative in the customer service, Steve Ritchie has carved out his name in the industry with his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the company. At the mark of a decade on his career, Steve owned and was operating a Papa John’s franchise.

His remarkable expertise at operational leadership saw him promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and further up to President in 2015.

Other than working at customer service, Steve has worked through positions such as delivery, director of operations, and store general manager. With this kind of experience, Steve Ritchie stands out as the best candidate to propel Papa John’s towards further growth.

The company has well over 120000 employees across the corporate and all franchisees, and the company leaders believe that Steve Ritchie has the professional skill and experience to bring the attention back to the light.

According to Steve, the company holds limitless growth employees who are keen on what they want to achieve, put in the necessary work, and remain diligent and dedicated. For example, a significant percentage of the restaurant managers at Papa John’s have worked at hourly rates before being promoted. Therefore, the company pools and grooms future leaders from within. Connect:



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Article Title: The Successful Career of Steve Ritchie at Papa John’s


Papa John’s is America’s popular pizza powerhouse recognized for its excellent customer service. The company ensures that it takes care of customer’s needs based on the feedback on the quality of service. Over the years, Papa John’s has nurtured several talents, allowing young people to rise to the corporate level. One of the few individuals, Steve Ritchie, has earned admiration from his colleagues by building himself to become the top leaders of the pizza empire and the hotel industry at large.


The Start of His Career at Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie joined Papa John’s in 1996, where he served as the company’s customer service representative. At the time, he was receiving a salary of $6 per hour. After a decade, he became the owner and operator of Papa John’s franchise, which gave him the opportunity to lead in different capacities. In 2014, he was promoted as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), adding an advantage to his succession plan for the company’s Presidential position in 2015.


His Appointment as the Company CEO


Steve Ritchie was appointed Papa John’s CEO in 2017 when the company was facing tough times with negative media coverage. Through his knowledge and skills, the exemplary leader was able to retain the existing customers and even attract new markets globally. Since then, things have changed for the better with the company’s sales improving by the day.


Steve is a transformative leader who believes in giving everybody a chance to lead. In a statement that he made, he acknowledged that through team efforts, Papa John’s would continue to offer world-class experiences that customers expect. He also noted that the future leaders of the company are the current employees currently serving its 5,000 stores worldwide today. The CEO believes that he will continue to steer the company to greater heights. More Business News at

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