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“The Contribution of Marc Beer in the Launching of Pelvic Floor Disorder Drugs “

by Chris Holden - January 22nd, 2019.
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Marc Beer is the co-establisher of Renovia Inc., a startup company whose services focuses on the production of the latest pelvic floor disorder items. Besides, the MedTech organization augments other diagnostic and therapeutic products used in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The disorders include urinary incontinence, which according to surveys affects over 250 million women globally. To minimize these risks that women are subjected to, Renovia Inc. launched its first product popular as Leva. In April, the FDA approved this organization’s product.

The operations of Renovia have over time fascinated many related companies. As such, different firms help it in the realization of its vision. Earlier, a healthcare-focused investing organization invested in Renovia. The Longwood Fund joined another cohort led by the Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures to fund Renovia again. This time, the funding will play essential roles including developing and testing more diagnostic and therapeutic products. Among the items that will be examined is the Leva new generation device.

Renovia’s Chief Executive Officer, Marc Beer is thrilled to have the support of other firms. He is confident that these corporations share in the vision of his company to better diagnose, treat and enhance the lives of women affected by the dreadful pelvic floor disorders. In his view, combining their innovative technologies will help Renovia establish a digital health platform, which will present to clients valuable information on the new treatment alternatives. Mr. Marc postulated that their partnership would drive a greater understanding and knowledge regarding lowering the long-term healthcare costs used in the treatment of the infections.

Marc Beer brings his over twenty-five years of commercialization and development experience to the industry. His interests are in biotechnology, diagnostics, devices, and pharmaceuticals. His zeal in the sector compelled him to establish Renovia alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Together, the founders completed the Series A operations of the organization which entailed primarily financing. This activity championed for their status as the leading capital funds in healthcare venture.

Prior to establishing Renovia, Marc Beer was operational in other excellent companies including ViaCell and Erytech Pharma. He founded ViaCell in April 2000 working as the company’s CEO. The biotechnology organization aimed at specializing in the preservation and development of the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord. Under his guidance, ViaCell expanded to over 300 workers, being purchased by PerkinElmer in 2005. Leaving ViaCell expanded his territories to other operations. He worked not only as a CEO but also as a board member in a variety of organizations. His recognized board memberships include being a Founding Chairman of Good Start Genetics committee, and Minerva Neuroscience Inc. board. He is also a Notre Dame Research Advisory Committee member. Marc Beer graduated from Miami University with a BS.


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