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The Future is Bright for Academy of Arts Students

by Chris Holden - July 26th, 2019.
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A Little About the School

A fine art painter had a plan and brought it to life back in 1929; that painter and founder of the Academy of Art College was Richard S. Stephens. The humble beginnings for the school included in its curriculum the study of advertising art. As attendance and faculty increased so did the curriculum. By the early to mid 1930’s additional topics were added for students to study; which included fashion illustration and fine arts.

One of the grand points that made the academy different from other colleges; was its ability to have seasoned professionals in the industry assist and actually teach courses in their field of interest. By 1966 the school received full accreditation for its Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art; and the first graduating program was in 1977, which was approved in 1983. The school has gone through multiple changes and is currently run by Stephens’ granddaughter, Dr. Elsa Stephens. Under her leadership the Academy of Art College has become the largest private school of art and design, has more than 25 areas of study, and certified teaching credentials for offer Associates, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees.

Flash Forward to the Present

The Academy Art students have become infamous with their participation into the mainstream of the industry. Currently the students participate in the annual Spring Show held on Jerrold Avenue. The Spring Show will showcase the stop students work first had for the community to view. The showcases range from fashion to media.

Here for the first-time students will welcome the public, instead of the students going out to showcase their talents. The showcase typically start early may and can go thru june. It is here that the art industry leaders and recruiter can visually obtain the talents of the students and even offer internship or a career opportunity.

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