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The Future of Healthcare and Medicine, According to Jack Plotkin

by Chris Holden - November 21st, 2019.
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Jack Plotkin

Healthcare rarely remains stagnant. Professionals in that field continually seek out new innovations that can then be used to engineer new treatment methods. Diseases that would have gone untreated or even undetected years ago can now be addressed promptly by doctors and other medical professionals with more advanced tools at their disposal.

But what if technology could go even beyond that? What if the medical technology available to us could prevent health emergencies from happening in the first place?

Virtual Health Chief Technology Officer Jack Plotkin can envision such a future.

In a post on Professional Tales, Plotkin wrote about the future he sees as a possibility for medicine and the healthcare industry as a whole. He mentions his belief that we are firmly in the “sunrise of digital therapeutics,” and that is an exciting proposition.

According to Plotkin, this dawning of a new era in medicine can soon lead to programs and devices becoming our allies in the battle to maintain our health. It’s not farfetched to think that soon, that future could indeed become our reality.

The reason to be optimistic about that kind of future being realized is that important information about our health is becoming more readily available. Along with the clinical data that doctors and other medical professionals can tally themselves, devices can also be used to track the environmental and societal factors that can impact our health.

Jack Plotkin

Plotkin also reminds us that we already have the machines needed to collect all the relevant data concerning our health. While the technology we currently have may not be fully capable of making sense of all that data at the moment, the machines will get better at that over time.

Even data privacy concerns that could potentially derail the advancement of digital therapeutics can be mitigated in large part by the regulatory bodies in the United States.

We aren’t there just yet, but tech-savvy thinker Jack Plotkin believes that we will soon reach the point when learning the specifics about your health can be as easy as asking an electronic device nearby.

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