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The Handy Success Oisin Hanrahan Has Wrought

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2016.
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Oisin Hanrahan is someone whose name is being noted in numerous articles online. The Next Web published an interesting article/interview with Hanrahan that focuses on the rise of Handy as an “on-demand powerhouse”. Handy is a solid company that helps those offering home maintenance and cleaning services connect with those who need them. The on-demand component definitely makes Handy attractive to people who want to book helpers by tapping an app on a smartphone.

Handy does have its competitors. In the interview, Hanrahan notes that he does not worry much about competitors. Nor should he. All successful businesses are going to deal with competitors. Such is the nature of the free market. Competition is a good thing because it helps keep entrepreneurs and managers motivated. At present, Handy’s competitors do not really match the success of the innovator. Hanrahan reveals he and his team focus on building on Handy’s success. What competitors do or don’t do never factors into any equations.

Hanharan reveals he does a lot of work focusing on strategically planning Handy’s next move. Even though Handy is enormously successful and currently worth $500 million, no one is resting on the achievements. The present goal is to build on success and do what is required to expand in the market. Handy is always looking to add new services to clients. Doing so allows Handy to better satisfy current customers and, hopefully, reach even more of them.

Handy is primed very well to do more throughout the course of the year. The firm has raised tens of millions of dollars and is drawing in millions in booking fees. Expansions into new cities are planned. The funds will also be used to better strengthen the current cities delivering Handy services. As long as Hanrahan continues down the path of wise business and strategic planning. Handy is sure to continue to experience exceptional success.

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