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The Impact of OSI Food Solutions

by Chris Holden - December 1st, 2019.
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OSI Food Solutions is the largest world wide food provider for leading food service and retail food brands. OSI’s mission is to provide precisely what the customer wants when it comes to custom food solutions. At OSI, bringing a customer’s idea to life is achieved by bouncing and exploring innovative ideas within the team, allowing for wholesome partnering relationships to be build and acting with integrity with each partner.

OSI Food Solutions has been a trustworthy, professional supply chain since 1909 when the company was first founded in Chicago by Otto Kolschowsky as a family owned meat market. Then in 1955, OSI was selected as McDonald’s first major supplier of fresh ground beef. In over 100 years of company growth, OSI continued to successfully spread throughout 17 countries and regions. Some of these include, Brazil, Australia, Germany, India and Spain to name a few.

Because of its worldwide impact, OSI has an incomparable knowledge of worldwide cuisine and shocking culinary skill.

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As OSI Food Solutions has expanded to different regions, they have entered into a profit transfer agreement with OSI Food Solutions Germany. The goal here is to distribute meat or other related food products. As well as supplying services related to food production.

At OSI, the impact food businesses have on the world matters. OSI strives to maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment, therefore business is managed within the social, environmental and economic framework areas in which business is operated in. OSI’s goal is to always keep growing and finding ways to improve sustainability.

Animals are treated respectfully in supply chain an animal welfare practices are led to decrease antimicrobial’s and ensure consumers health and welfare.

As for the sustainability of the environment, OSI aims to reduce the harsh environmental impact by the responsible use of natural resources. This includes reducing waste, using water in a sustainable manner, reducing GCH emissions and adapting to constantly changing environments.

The social impact is just as important to OSI, this is why they are committed to maintaining safe work environments where every employee’s rights are protected. The respect and empowerment of workers makes for a healthy sustainable work environment. Check out:

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