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The Impressive Resume of DonataMeirelles

by Chris Holden - June 28th, 2019.
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Since the early 1990’s, the fashion industry has been influenced by the work and opinions of DonataMeirelles. Considered an expert in her field, Meirelles has had an influence on the fashion of the entire world. From a very young age she recognized her passion for fashion and has committed herself to working hard. She demonstrated her commitment in one of her earliest jobs working as an International Buyer for Daslu. Working for this Brazilian, that is known as the mecca of the fashion world, was a great jumpstart to Meirelles’s career.

DonataMeirelles has built an impressive resume over the last three decades. She is the founder of the Women in the World Foundation, an organization committed to women’s rights. Over the years this group has supported other groups which include, the Brazil Foundation and GerandoFalcoes. Two of the groups Meirelles has worked with, amfAR and the Brazil Foundation, have recognized Meirelles with several different awards. In 2014 she was given a very prestigious Humanitarian Award. Meirelles was recognized for her years of advocating for people with HIV and AIDS.

Meirelles is very open about how she has become successful. Recently she spent time talking with ideamensch and shared some of the reasons she has become successful. For starters, Meirelless has become an expert at identifying trends in the fashion industry. There has been lots of change in this industry during her thirty years of work. Trends in the fashion world come and go quicker than ever with innovation like social media and the internet. Despite these challenges, Meirelles has been able to remain on top of what is important in this industry.

DonataMeirelles is committed to working hard and seeing her work through. She tells young entrepreneurs the key to success is being ambitious and never ever settling. She keeps her priorities in check. For Meirelles must have family, health and community at the top of her priority list. Check out:

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