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The Leadership at Southridge Capital and its Operations.

by Chris Holden - August 15th, 2018.
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The word Cryptocurrency is now well known around the world. However, statistics have shown that a significant portion of the population does not have a good understanding of how the technology operates. Some banks and governments are also yet to understand what it entails. The technology has the potential to make a huge impact on the global economy. A U.S. Senator, Thomas Carper, acknowledged that the concept had caused fears and confusion among some people. After the realization of the potential benefits of the virtual currency, various financial institutions, accounting firms, and governments have set up teams to work on their own projects. Cryptocurrency is popularly known as bitcoins. It has received the attention of major media stations around the globe.

Stephen M. Hicks heads Southridge Capital as its Chief Executive Officer. He is also one of its pioneers. He is tasked with developing effective strategies for the growth of the company and the execution of the plans to achieve the desired objectives. The financial institution has been in operation for the last two decades. Mr. Hicks is well known in the investment sector and has been active for more than three decades now. He is a specialist in areas such as financial restructuring, market derivatives, and investment banking. The Southridge founder is a graduate of the King’s College where he acquired a BS in Business Administration. He later joined Fordham University, a New York-based institution, to advance his education. At the institution, he graduated with an MBA. You can visit for more.


While on an interview, the Southridge Capital’s founder revealed that he came up with the idea of starting the firm when he was working at a hedge fund earlier in his career. He realized that he could make a bigger impact if he established his own company. His boss allowed him to make arrangements for starting his hedge fund while still working for him. He starts his day early in the morning by making a list of activities that all the stakeholders in the firm will undertake during the day. Mr. Hicks is seen as the force behind the growth of Southridge Capital due to his exemplary leadership. He is always looking for new and better investment portfolios to focus on. You can visit




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