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The OSI Group/Impossible Foods Partnership Looks To Be An Ideal Match For Co-Production Of The Impossible Burger:

by Chris Holden - September 10th, 2019.
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Impossible Foods is one of the most exciting startup businesses to hit the food scene in years. The firm specializes in plant-based products and one of those products is known as the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger has become quite the food sensation over the last year and has landed on the menus of recognizable food industry locations such as Burger King. The management at Impossible Foods would like to see their Impossible Burger hit the menu at McDonald’s in the future as well. Since beginning operations, Impossible Foods has aggressively pursued growth and has put together a strong strategy for achieving this. One thing that has caught the team off guard at Impossible Foods is the production needs necessary to fulfill the massive number of Impossible Burger orders coming in daily. The company has been operating at a shortage level for a few months now and has had to think outside the box to correct this supply/demand problem. The solution that has been arrived at is to bring in the legendary food processor from Aurora, Illinois known as OSI Group. See this article at

It has been since April that Impossible Foods has reported an issue with maintaining the production levels necessary to fill orders for the wildly popular Impossible Burger. Seeking out a partner for co-production purposes was the solution that was arrived at and so a search was begun. In the end, it was clear that OSI Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful food processors, was the ideal match and had the production capability necessary to take on this co-production role with Impossible Foods.

OSI Group has many processing facilities across the world and is known for its massive production capacity. The company has also cultivated a reputation for being an excellent and diligent partner. This was a deciding factor for the management at Impossible Foods when they decided to forge the co-production partnership with OSI Group. Both of these companies are excited about this partnership. OSI Group is excited to work with such a promising new food startup and Impossible Foods is excited to work with one of the most respected, trusted, and venerable food companies in the world. Read:

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