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The Power Of JD and Prada

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2019.
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The exciting partnership of Jingdong and Prada was anticipated as part of the anniversary. The one and only Prada Group has now opened their flagship store on JD’s platform and is currently offering their fall/winter collection. Prada Group has agreed to open authorized flagship stores for their Car Shoe and Miu Miu brands on the 17th of June as well. Prada is a global luxury brand and by partnering with, they will be better positioned to meet their goal of creating an online presence for each of their brands in less than two years. The Jingdong platform has hundreds of millions of users and international brands such as Prada Group realize the power of JD when expanding into China’s luxury market. is looking forward to connecting Prada with its sophisticated customers. Each year, JD holds its June 18 shopping festival on their anniversary, celebrating the founding of the company with exclusive promotions and offers. More than 90% of Jingdong’s well-known brands are launching brand new items during the event this year. Prada is well known for its high-quality and luxurious products. Their name has come to represent luxury for many people and by partnering with JD, Prada will be able to reach the many millions of active users on the JD platform. is the one stop e-commerce platform with authentic products and its logistics network is unlike anything else in the world. Jingdong uses data to power its delivery technologies, cutting shipping times to the shortest in the world. JD customers who order Prada products will be able to get them very quickly as customers enjoy same and next day deliveries. JD enables brands from all over the world to sell to customers in China. Working across borders, JD partners don’t need to have a physical presence in China to reach customers there thanks to the unrivaled reach and technologies used by JD.

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