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The Proud Work of Jeremy Goldstein

by Chris Holden - January 4th, 2019.
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A lawyer is a pillar of any community. They work hard to represent the everyday person in the rule of law, and translate its language so each party can understand what is at stake in each case. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who specializes in business cases that cover a variety of areas. He is a respected individuals by his peers and in the community. It is no surprise that when he called on his connections, they showed up to help him out. A pair of online articles describe two win parties he held.


The pair of wine parties was documented in a press release from the website PR Newswire. In addition to many of his peers, he invited wine experts from far and wide to contribute their sources to making the event a success. Ultimately, the events raised a combined $56,000 in the name of Foundation House. Jeremy Goldstein uses events like this to give wealthy individuals a chance to donate some of their money to good cause.


The Foundation House in an organization based mostly out of New York. Their primary mission to provide an education, a job, and permanent housing to individuals with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the board, and proudly devotes his time and resources to helping the community that helped raised him. Donations like those from the wine party have gone a long ways in helping their operations. The community has improved since Foundation House established itself. They have also been able to expand into other areas across the country.


Jeremy Goldstein represented his business clients in the court of law by day, and during his non-work hours, he is working to improve the community around him. A strong community is the backbone to creating an area with long term success.


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