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The RealReal Holiday Sale

by Chris Holden - December 22nd, 2018.
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The Holiday season is always a prime opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the gift giving ideals the year. The RealReal is no different when its comes to offering some of the most coveted brands in luxury available at discounted prices due to their gently used state. The company recently released its list of the highest sellers that have been consistently at the top of everyone’s list. This is an ideal way to look at what is selling or what is going to remain popular.

Of course, Hermes is at the top of the list as the French luxury house is one of the most coveted from its failed Birkin bags to their more affordable enamel cuffs. Hermes is one of the pinnacles of luxury, and it never goes out of style. The surprise hit of the year was the Constance bag which increased nearly 67% in price and popularity. Gucci is also a consistent and popular favorite. The brand’s famed Marmount bags often sell out within minutes on the site at almost full price at 85% off the original ticketed number. These are coveted luxury items that will show no sign of slowing down. Moncler is also one brand that has a high resale value with pieces reaching nearly full price for each item.

Jewelers continues to be a big seller when it comes to buying second hand. Diamonds and costume jewelry are among the most popular items being purchased. The RealReal has several store locations where prospect buyers can try on the items and see them in real life. This helps them make a better informed decision when it comes to buying a high ticket item. Buying luxury online is a great way to democratize the upper echelons of fashion. However, it always helps to see an expensive piece in person to understand its weight and color in real life.

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