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The Revolution Marc Beer Brought To Healthcare Industry

by Chris Holden - April 23rd, 2019.
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Marc Beer is a business partner of Renovia Inc. He doubles as the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the company. He is a knowledgeable manager with over 25 of experience in business development and business commercialization. He has worked in various industries including diagnostic and biotechnology companies. Along his career part, Marc Beer became the Chief Executive Officer of a biotechnology company that focuses on the advancement, collection and proper storage of blood stem cells of the umbilical cord. It is during his tenure that the company’s operations grew demanding an increase in the number of employees, which also grew to over 300 in number.


The idea of forming Renovia Inc came to his mind when one brilliant gynecologist gave him a call in a bid to find a solution to help women who had pelvic floor complications get treated without undergoing surgery. Being a 70-year old man, the gynecologist had 35 years of experience in doing surgery in the pelvic floor hence an increased knowledge of pelvic floor disorder. They then came together and thought of finding a lasting, simple solution to the challenges that women were going through while seeking treatment to pelvic floor complications.


The experience that Dr. Ray Iglesias, the surgeon, had in the medical field was vital for Marc Beer to come up with innovative treatment procedures and medical products. The medical technology firm, Renovia Inc, got the approval of their first product in the year 2018 from the Food and Drug Administration. This was a great milestone in the health sector and to the Renovia Inc business partners. The product gave a great boost as women didn’t have to undergo a surgery for their pelvic floors be restored to their natural state. It reduced the cost and time of visiting a theatre. Upon this success, Marc Beer registered his gratitude to all the companies and people who played a role in making the dream come true.


Marc Beer is largely considered as an originator of most workable solutions to handle urgent needs. This is due to his dynamic type of leadership that he is characterized. The products they innovated in Renovia Inc brought new energy and vision to the healthcare industry as they helped the patients they treated to reduce the cost and processes associated with seeking treatment. Their products gradually picked up and the demand increased. This was due to the solution that they provided. In connection to this, there was a need to increase the number of employees in the company so as to match the growing demand hence creating more employment opportunities. The successful growth of Renovia Inc in its early stages was attributed to Marc Beer’s experience in leading startup businesses in the past. Learn more:

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