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The Rise of David McDonald’s Led OSI Group in China

by Chris Holden - April 26th, 2019.
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With many businesses in China struggling to cope with the unpredictable market and regime, OSI Group stands out. The food processing group has managed to withstand the challenging Chinese market and grow for more than two decades. Andy Hanacek sat down with David McDonald to try and establish why the OSI Group has had so much success where many have failed and came up with the following findings.

Local is the key. Many business owners fail to understand that each market is different. This is not the case with David McDonald. Through his stewardship, the food processor has taken time to study the Chinese market in depth and come up with solutions that are unique to the issues and challenges the market faces. This has taken time, but it has proven to be a worthy investment as they have been able to craft solutions that have addressed the stakeholders like consumers and suppliers hence earn their trust.

Flexibility. Running a business is a continuous process of making modifications here and there to try and establish yourself as a better option. This is due to several factors such as the ever-changing tastes and preferences, competition and the changes in laws.

Failure to keep up with any may result in several consequences such as low returns that may not sustain the business, fines and even civil suits. The food processor has mastered and comprehended this and occasionally made the necessary changes to cope with the changes. However, they have ensured that they have remained true to their most important values which are customer quality and food safety. This flexibility has helped them grow and earn the trust of various stakeholders.

Cooperation. The food processor has faced numerous challenges in China. One such problem has been staying on the right side of the frequently changing regime. The regime has continuously made changes to systems and processes in the industry. Some of these changes have negatively affected the operations of the firm, but they have not taken it personally as they understand the Chinese government is only trying to regulate the industry.

From this point of view, OSI Group has taken the logical step of cooperating with the government to try and find viable solutions to challenges and issues faced by the industry. This has led to excellent results as evidenced by the group’s continued growth.

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