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The services that Luke Lazarus offers to clients

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2019.
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Working as a startup consultant is no mean feat because there are many types of services that one has to provide. Many businesses that are still testing the waters go through various challenges. Unless they get the best consultancy services, they might end up making lots of mistakes, and this will hinder their progress. Most of them relay on consultants and so, it is upon these professionals to make sure that they know the kinds of services that their customers want. One of the professionals who have been providing these services for a long time is Luke Lazarus. Here is a look at some of the things that he does.


Creating business plans



The first task in starting a business is coming up with a plan. This is the document that shows everything that the new investment will be about. There are many things that have to be included in these plans. According to Luke Lazarus, many people presume that creating such plans is an easy task, but they are wrong. In fact, the reason many startups close down as fast as they open is because of a poor plan. This professional will help you to come up with the right business plans based on your niche, capital, and markets.



Developing investor presentations



What you show to the investors will determine whether they invest in your idea or not. Luke Lazarus says that when you have the best investor presentations, you will gain their confidence and therefore, growing the business will not be a difficult task. There are specific things that investors want to see when you present your ideas to them. Unless you are an expert in investment, you may not be able to know these things and so, you will end up messing up. Hiring professionals such as Luke will ensure that you do not make such mistakes and so, your business will be cushioned from various risks.



Coming up with marketing research insights



After setting up your business, Luke Lazarus observes, you have to find people who will buy your products and services. The market is a tricky thing because you need to know the behaviors of the people that you will be selling to. In addition to that, you have to be sure of your competitors and the kinds of services that they offer. Therefore, you need an expert to help you n analyzing the markets. They will come up with facts that will help you in positioning your products in such a way that they will be the best choice.


After graduating from the Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus decided to start a career in startup consultancy. This was after working with several companies. Today, he has more than 20 years of experience and so, he is one of the most recognized professionals in this industry.


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