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The Support that Mike Baur offers to IT Companies.

by Chris Holden - May 17th, 2017.
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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has an excellent reputation for the tremendous support that he provides to startups that focus on the development of ICT products. He is also an experienced banking professional since he served the Swiss private banking industry for over twenty years. Baur started working in the sector by serving UBS as an intern and managed to rise through the ranks over the years to hold an executive position in a leading Swiss Private Bank. Mr. Baur kicked off his entrepreneurship venture in 2014 when he saw an opportunity in supporting startups. He founded Swiss Startup Factory by teaming up with two other entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a business that is based on innovation and has supported several emerging companies in the country. The firm is independent, and it was the first to assist ICT enterprises by relying on private funding. Mike has been devoted to offering his support to the young business by mentoring them and providing financial aid. He is also one of the mindsets behind the founding of Swiss Startup Association. The entrepreneur holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York.


The Swiss Startup Factory has been ensuring that all the ICT businesses that it supports thrive in the corporate world. It offers finances and motivations to the entrepreneurs to enable them to be good managers of their companies. Mike sources the funds from a network of private investors who he has worked with over the years. He encourages various business leaders to invest their money in innovative startups.


One of the newest partners of the Swiss Startup Factory is Michael Hartweg. He acts as a mentor and financier of the startups that are being supported by the company. Mr. Hartweg is allowed by the firm to selects any business that seems to have a great potential. He then invests in it and guides the entrepreneurs on how they can attain success in the corporate world. Swiss Startup Factory has also partnered with several investors who are devoted to offering their support to Fintech businesses that are based in Switzerland.


Mike Baur has created a business acceleration program that he uses in supporting existing businesses that would like to expand. He serves as the CEO of the innovative enterprise, and his office is in Zurich. Baur’s service in the banking sector allowed him to understand how startups can be managed for them to be profitable.


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