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The Traveling Vineyard Provides Additional Income for Stay-at-home Moms

by Chris Holden - September 24th, 2017.
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The Traveling Vineyard sells hundreds of wine bottles through skillfully arranged wine tastings. The Traveling Vineyard has been around for about six years now, and it has recently become a popular source of income for stay-at-home moms.

The business of The Traveling Vineyard functions through hosting parties and pairing their wine with food in a way that shows what fits best. The Wine Guides do the parties and the pairing of wine with food. These are essentially the agents of The Traveling Vineyard. There are more than five thousand of them in over forty states of the U. S. Th goal of the wine guides is to organize fun and laid back wine tasting parties instead of the typical official wine tasting which is often pretentious and stuffy to people who are not wine connoisseurs. The homey atmosphere also encourages people to both experience good wine and to learn more about it.

As a wine guide, one will learn a lot more about wine, and also make connections with others who are also passionate about the beverage and its rich culture. Wine guides have at their disposable a Sommology Kit. The package provides a vast base of knowledge about wine as well as the specific wine that The Traveling Vineyard sells and offers. In the Sommology Kit wine guides also find a good amount of information the best ways to pair wines with foods since that skill is essential to their work as wine guides.

In order to become a wine guide, one needs to make an initial investment of $189 to start hosting the event after getting set up. The investment acquires wine guides a Success Kit which has two tasting sets each of which contains five bottles of wine. That is enough for two events. In addition, the Success Kit provided also includes a wine carrier, tasting glasses for the events, a number of order forms, as well as the necessary training materials.

The Traveling Vineyard gives wine guides access to the Training Center which is full of resources as well as tutorials and articles which cover information about wine, terminology, as well as tips on how to succeed in the marketing aspect of the job. All wine guides also get a website where they market their wines as well as accept online orders. For the first three months the site is free of charge, but after that period is up, wine guides pay a monthly maintenance fee of $15.95. For more info about us: click here.

The Traveling Vineyard is a leader in their line of work. The business has set a high bar for other companies of the kind to reach. The company has been popular among stay-at-home moms as well as people who are looking for an additional income while learning about wine and having fun.

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