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The U.S. Is Going Into The Armed Drone Selling Business

by Chris Holden - February 19th, 2015.
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The UK Was The First Customer. The Drone Store Is Open For Business.

It’s not surprising. The U.S. is a business. We don’t call it that, but it is. We sell everything we make and are proud of it, even if some of our sales come back to haunt us. They often do when arms are involved. We don’t learn much from our past lessons. That point is obvious when the government announced they would sell armed drones to friendly countries.

From what Susan McGalla has heard, the countries that purchase the drones must sign an agreement that says the U.S. can review how the drones are used. The main use is for military campaigns, but we all know the drones can and will be used for other things too.

China is a business too. They sold unarmed drones to nine countries. That information gave the U.S. a green light to sell armed drones to neighbors and friends. The big question about drones is how hard is it to make an unarmed drone an armed drone? We can bet that information will surface in detail in the future. Officials said they wouldn’t sell their really big drones to anyone, but it’s still early in the drone selling game. Anything can happen and it will.

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