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The United States Is Trailing the Rest of the Advanced Industrialized World in Internet Access

by Chris Holden - March 3rd, 2015.
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Generally speaking, the United States is either ahead or on par with just about any other part of the world in terms of our technology and advanced consumer goods and services. There is, however, one area where we lag behind other advanced, industrialized countries; the speed and cost of internet access. An article in the New York Times points out how far we lag behind. The broadband service in the average American city is both slower and costs more than in many major European and Asian cities. This is a sad reality for the country that brought the world Silicon Valley and created a lot of the technology boom that the world is benefiting from.

The reason for slower and costlier service in the United States is basic economics; a lack of competition. Most broadband markets in the US only have one or two suppliers so they are able to charge monopoly or at least duopoly pricing. As the folks at Anastasia Date are aware, even today, as many as 75 percent of American households only have one option for truly high-speed internet. The solution is simply to open up the market for new entrants into this business. Get rid of any anti-competitive rules and regulations that give a particular provider a virtual monopoly in a certain locality, and let the market select what services are offered by internet service providers, and let it decide which ones thrive and which ones die from their own costliness and inefficiency.

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