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The Vijay Eswaran Continues to Lead with Vigor

by Chris Holden - June 24th, 2019.
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As someone that has received the CEO of the Year award in 2013 it is evident that Vijay Eswaran knows how to lead. I have seen him speak before and I believe that he just has a natural talent for motivating people. That is why his company does well. There are companies that have good products that may be on top for a while, but the company may fail because the employees may not like the work environment. Vijay Eswaran, however, has won Malaysian Business Award for CEO of the year before. He has inked deals with companies like Manchester City, and he has made the list for Malaysia’s richest men according to Forbes magazine.

Vijay Eswaran could rest easily after all of this, but he keeps his mind sharp and his feet planted in the world of business affairs. Vijay Eswaran says that his father always taught him to put service above self. It is the principles like this that have shaped him and made him incredibly aware of the goals that he has for his business. With QNet there has been some controversy and a hearsay, but Vijay Eswaran has not let this stifle his growth one bit. He believes that people can learn and growth just as much from failure as they can from success. He has made it his duty to stay connected to a higher power and spread his spirituality on through quotes and written manifestations. Anyone that has even seen his Twitter pages knows that he is one of the most positive people that anyone will encounter. He has a zest for life, and this is the thing that essentially took him to the top.

While there were people that were not believing in him he was constantly trying to better himself. While the naysayers will giving him a hard time Vijay Eswaran was rising to the top in the direct selling and retailing field. He didn’t stop, and that is the difference between him and those that he left behind. Even when he had reached the top he has not settled and become stagnant. Malaysia awarded him with the CEO of the Year Award in 2013. He could have seen this as the ultimate sign of making it. He could have said that he didn’t have a reason to do anything with any greater conviction because he had already reached the top. That isn’t Vijay Eswaran though. He doesn’t believe that one should settle for less.

Newlin has managed to stay abreast of all the trends in technology. He has built a legacy that continues to prove his desire to succeed in business. This all equates to higher streams of revenue for QNet.

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