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The ViSalus Programs

by Chris Holden - October 4th, 2019.
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ViSalus was founded in 2005 when the founders completed a challenge to make people the healthiest they can be. They created the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge program. With the proper products and support the platform can transform anybody within 90 days.

The mission of Vi is broken into three parts. First, to create life experiences and connections. Second, to physically change your body through products and programs. Third, to financially change you with entrepreneurship and leadership.

There are six core beliefs of ViSalus that push the company forward. They are being inspired, building trust, being a teacher, thinking like an entrepreneur, seeking simplicity and challenging yourself. Through Vi Cares program, the community can donate meals to people in need and Vi matches each donation. Over 5 million meals have already been donated.

Vi Prime is the newest program from ViSalus. As a member rewards program, it maximizes your experience by making it easy to receive and enjoy your Vi products through delivery. There are free shipping and reward perks to be earned. Those who buy at least $125 a month will be eligible. As soon as you reach the minimum, you receive free shipping.

To receive rewards for purchases, there are two things to do. First, you need to have a minimum monthly order. Second, enroll in 3 Vi Prime. This happens when you enroll three Vi Prime members. After that, you will earn monthly Vi Points for rewards. Vi Points can be used for monthly purchases as well. Refer to This Article for more information.

The 3 For Free program is only for Vi Prime members. The 3 For Free and free shipping are basic rewards. After the first monthly order, there is a Vi Prime Welcome Kit. After two consecutive monthly orders, there is a Product Sample Pack. After a third consecutive monthly order, there is a #ViLife Photobook. Find More Information Here.


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