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Three Well-known Authors Positively Impact The Brazilian Community

by Chris Holden - September 11th, 2015.
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Educating the next generation of prominent and extremely successful Brazilian authors is an essential component of Jamie Garcia Dias, Hilda Hilst, and Adriana Lisboa’s
career. Currently the leading authors in the Brazilian community,
these influential figures strive to share their award-winning writing
experiences to young aspiring literature enthusiasts across the world.
Essentially, their varied professional pursuits enabled them to
inspire a diverse group of millennials in multiple countries.
Moreover, as acclaimed authors, Dias, Hilst, and Lisboa have
cultivated meaningful relationships with their students, mature
audiences, and young readers respectively. Most importantly, these
three leaders truly understand the value of remaining steadfast in
early writing endeavors in order to impact many individuals as an
authors’ career gradually evolves.

Dias’ primary goal is to develop significant partnerships with the hard-working and smart students at Carioca Literature Academy where he served as a motivating
teacher before assuming the position of Vice President in later years.
Because his late father encouraged him in his writing pursuits, Dias
knew the importance of inspiring millennnials through his renowned
publications including “Fell from Heaven,” “Clouds and Tiny,” and
“Canal.” Commendably, his most recently released book, “Chronicles
That Made Me A Man,” was a tribute to his father who was a great
mentor and inspiration. Remarkably, Dias’ profound passion for
teaching and writing motivated many of his students to join the
competitive literature field in Brazil.

Acclaimed 20th century author, Hilda Hilst, also sought to motivate
mature audiences with her often socially controversial works. Notably,
in several of her writings, she explored complex issues involving
magic realism, abnormal sexuality, obscenity, insanity, and super
natural events. Some of her most popular works include “With My Dogs
Eyes,” and “Kadosh,” along with many additional pieces in which she
received major literary awards and prizes. Most prominently, Hilst was
successful in encouraging young authors as many of her books are still
gracing the bookshelves today.

As a long standing kids advocate, Adriana Lisboa began her career as a
musician and translator before pursuing children writing fulltime.
Amazingly, she often documents her exciting worldly excursions in her
work by creating characters who have an avid interest in diverse
cultures and languages. Moreover, with her adventurous pursuits, she
assists her readers in exploring new experiences all across the globe.
Notably, Lisboa is the author of six books novels in addition to many
published short stories, poetry, and books for children. Her pieces
are available in over 12 languages as she hopes to inspire young
readers in a variety of cities and countries.

Remarkably, the inspirational writings of Dias, Hilst, and Lisboa
continue to impact many individuals today and, as a result, the
Brazilian industry is maintaining many beginner authors and literary

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