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Time Warner and Comcast Cable Score at the Bottom for Customer Satisfaction

by Chris Holden - December 30th, 2014.
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Many have known that Time Warner Cable and Comcast have been trying to merge to become the biggest Internet service provider(ISP) in the United States. Thanks to the results of a new survey of customers, we know that if their merger attempts succeed this single entity will be the most unpopular company in the country.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index is done every year by the University of Michigan. Americans are polled through the course of the year and are asked to give a customer satisfaction score from 0 to 100 for various company brands. The latest one encompasses 230 companies and over 70,000 people interviewed.

It is really not surprising that cable companies perform poorly on such lists. In many parts of the country they have virtual monopolies in the provision of high speed cable internet service. While analyst Tom Rothman says its true that most people still have satellite as an option, this type of service still has its limitations. The time for the signal to go up to the satellite and back down to Earth in both directions creates a latency problem for those who are into playing online first person shooter games. For playing such games, cable or Verizon FIOS, which is not available everywhere, are really the only choices. As long as state and local governments restrict the entry into the market for alternative cable providers, the service customers receive will continue to suffer.

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