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Todd Lubar: Helping Dedicated Upcoming Entrepreneurs to Edge Closer to Their Entrepreneurial Goals

by Chris Holden - June 22nd, 2017.
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Inspirery publishes inspirational stories on its website, mostly from interviews featuring prominent entrepreneurs. In a recent interview, Inspirery featured the Maryland business mogul Todd Lubar. The current TSL Ventures president discussed his career journey, inspirations, goals, and philosophy.

The Inspiration behind Todd’s Career

Todd Lubar spent about two decades of his early life working in the credit and finance sectors. While there, he noted how institutions were making it hard for potential entrepreneurs to acquire capital loans. Todd decided to put an end to this outright exploitation by becoming the catalyst for customers’ dreams. He told Inspirery that there is a lot of satisfaction in helping others pursue and realize their dreams.

Besides his expertise in finance, Todd has a good understanding of the real estate industry. Combining finance and real estate, he has been able to make a huge impact on the mortgage banking industry. For him, he makes money through helping others make theirs. He challenges people to avoid daydreaming and instead get down to working towards realizing their goals.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Todd’s journey was not as smooth as many would assume. According to him, the journey was not comfortable for he had to work extra hard to make a substantial profit. After profits had started trickling in, however, his business kept improving consistently and has since grown to what it is today. Todd attributed his business prowess to the experience he gathered while working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. It’s while there that he was able to make important connections in several industries, connections that have been helping him get clients. Besides having these connections, Todd Lubar could not rule out the contribution Google and other search engines has made in getting clients his way.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar’s polished communication and customer relations skills can be traced from his Speech Communication degree from Syracuse University. That degree earned him a job at Crestar Mortage Corporation in 1995, where he worked up until he joined Legacy Financial group in 1999.

At the time he joined Legacy, the company had established itself in Arlington, Texas but was struggling to expand to other regions. Todd’s input helped the firm to gain ground in Maryland. Prior to TDL Ventures, Todd was working at Magnus Financial Corp. as the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding.

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