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Tom Rothman Comes Out on Top as Chairman at Sony

by Chris Holden - March 4th, 2015.
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Industry watchers had a list of names for who they thought would replace Amy Pascal as the Chairman at Sony. Tom Rothman was one of those names. His reputation and body of work had him at the top for some. Michael Lynton, chief executive and co-chairman of Sony Pictures, had him at the top as well. With his announcement, Lynton was singing the praises of Rothman as the new boss for the motion pictures group at Sony. The praises referenced Rothman’s rapport with talent and his stellar work at Fox where he racked up a plethora of Oscar nominations and billions for the box office coffers.

The official capacity of Rothman will have him at the helm with new powers to realize growth in revenue, box office records and innovation. With the many years of success in multiple roles, he has the gravitas to step in and move the image of one of the leading movie studios in the world forward. Expectations are that he will continue to drive TriStar projects such as “The Walk” with Hollywood heavy weight Robert Zemeckis to box office gold. The 3D movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt is taunted to raise the bar in feature films. Rothman also took the opportunity upon learning the news to thank both Lynton and Pascal.

With behind the scene wrangling that was surely going on during the upheaval from the wake of Amy Pascal’s embarrassing emails, Sony powers to be and stockholders are breathing a sigh of relief. As reported by the New York Times, Michael Lynton not only escaped unscathed but renewed his contract. Amy Pascal is still on the payroll at Sony with other production projects along with ensuring a smooth transition for Rothman.

Click this link to visit Tom Rothman’s official website.

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