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Tom Rothman Working With Edgar Wright On His Next Film

by Chris Holden - January 18th, 2015.
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Rothman, the chairman of Sony Pictures joint venture, TriStar Productions and MRC, the producers of the blockbuster comedy, Ted, 22 Jump Street, Babel and The Adjustment Bureau have teamed up to make and release Edgar Wright’s next film, Baby Driver. The Hollywood Reporter has named Ansel Elgort from Fault in Our Stars as a contending actor for the lead role.

The film will be produced by Working Title and Nira Park, with writing and directing by Wright, the director of The World’s End. Slated to be the ultimate rock and roll chase film. It focuses on a young man hired as the getaway driver for a heist. Forced to work for a crime boss, he consistently follows his own personal soundtrack despite the danger in which he now finds himself. Now his life, his relationship and his freedom are all in jeopardy when the heist he participated in fails.

Everyone involved is excited about the prospect of bringing this film to the big screen. Edgar Wright is known for his original thinking as evidenced by his work in England and now the U.S. TriStars Pictures chairman, Tom Rothman agrees, “We’re delighted to be riding shotgun as Edgar Wright takes the wheel of his next film.”

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