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Tony Romo’s Deal Is Restructured

by Chris Holden - April 2nd, 2015.
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Tony Romo’s Deal Is Restructured

Any NFL team’s season could be made or broken by moves that happen during the offseason. For Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, his immediate future with the team seems to have been affected by this.

On Wednesday the Dallas Cowboys have made it official that they have restructured the contract of Tony Romo, which has resulted in the team clearing up $12.8 million in salary cap space, which is more than usual. This comes well after their star running back Demarco Murray departed from the team in favor of a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The restructuring itself would not be such a big deal if running back Adrian Peterson, who is returning to the NFL this season, was going to earn a little more than $12 million as a starting salary. Add in the fact that there was once a conversation where Peterson once told Jerry Jones he wanted to retire a Cowboy, and you have the potential for Peterson playing for that team this upcoming season.

Despite this the Vikings are not ready to trade off Peterson just yet and one reason for this is because Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has been a supporter of Peterson and managed to get him to stay. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that this is all in addition to the fact that Peterson has been a top five running back in the league since he was drafted.

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