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Toyo Setal Trains and Educates Locals For Sustainability Success

by Chris Holden - October 19th, 2019.
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Concern for Social Responsibility

Toyo Setal spends great efforts, capital, and planning to endure it is transparent to the local communities it operates; furthermore, all of its practices that support sustainability efforts have one concern, which is the preservation of the local environment. The company has a great desire to respect and preserve the safety and care of all domestic species and the eco-systems in which they thrive. The company pays special attention to how it can make its sustainability practices align with local preparations for the care of fauna, biological species, and all types of endangered animals and plants.

Below we have put together several ways in which Toyo Setal practice sustainable efforts, which lead to the result of a safe environment for all involved. First, the company educates the local communities on how to care for its endangered species, as well as tagging, removal, and transferring to safe places and out of harm’s way. Secondly, the company helps to implement the training and education of leaders in the community who become local experts in safeguarding its valuable natural resources.

The company allows its sustainability practices to be monitored and verified by local specialized professionals using the most modern equipment. All of the results of its identification, relocating, and tagging are available in real-time to the environmental authorities, which are further used by authorities to enhance the already verified practices by the company.

Toyo Setal’ Sustainable Safeguarding Practices

• Removal of Contaminatig water influences
• Cataloging and observance of natural resources
• Flora and Fauna are professionaly catalogued
• All endangered plants and animals identified
• If deforestatin occurs new seeds planted

Toyo Setal’ Sustainable Educational Efforts

• Local Social responsible people are trained
• Endangered Species are safely identified thru proper training
• Relocating of Identified Endangerment
• Stremalined Tagging ,Removing,and final Transplanting of endangered botanicals

Toyo Setal Company

Toyo Setal is a Brazilian company that works in industrial engineering. The company has a robust sustainability program with archaeological programs attached to local educational institutes. It drives its sustainability programs with additional workshops, seminars, and student activities.

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