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Trabuco Bradesco Success History

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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Successful entrepreneurship requires hard work, patience, and determination. For any business to reach the pinnacle of its line of trade, there is need for strong leadership. Such is the case of the Bradesco bank. Being one of the largest banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco was founded in the year 1943 as a brainchild of Amador Aguiar. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at

In October 2017, Lazaro Brandao, who was the president, stepped down at the age of 91. His departure from the bank was least expected as he had been the president since 1990. His appointement had followed the retirement of the founder Amador Aguiar.

After the departure of Lazaro, Luiz Carlos was forced to assume office. Meanwhile, one of the executives stepped into Luiz Carlo’s role as the CEO until the bank was able to find the replacement for the presidential position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco successfully served the bank as the President having joined the high-level executive team in 2009.

Luiz Carlos Education

Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended the University of Sao Paulo and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. After completing his undergraduate degree, he proceeded to the school of sociology and politics of Sao Paulo to continue with his postgraduate programme. With his high level of education, Luiz Carlos played an important role in the growth of Trabuco Bradesco impact.


After working for Bradesco for two years, Luiz Carlos was able to prove his worth and dedication towards the Trabuco Bradesco influence. As a result, he became the director of marketing at the bank, where he played a major role in reaching out to the clients of the bank.

During the same period, Bradesco began dividing and targeting its clients and consumers base. This helped maximize profits and ensure that the customer’s needs were well served. Despite not preparing the division and target, Trabuco Bradesco influenced the population practice in the Brazilian banking industry.

Through his determination and hard work, Luiz Carlos Trabuco remains one of the biggest known and highest paid executives in the Brazilian banking industry. Furthermore, it is the largest Trabuco Bradesco reign in the entire country of Brazil. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at Crunchbase.

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