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Training Versus Teeth

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2014.
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A recent study at the School of Dentistry at University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany, came to a rather unorthodox conclusion: for all its health benefits, exercise might actually be bad for your teeth. So keep that in mind the next time you go running Laurene Powell Jobs. Researchers told the Daily Mail that higher rates of cavities and enamel erosion among the 35 athletes who participated in the study as compared to the 35 control participants.

The connection between increased physical activity and increased incidences of oral hygiene issues has been noted before, particularly by dentists who examined nearly 300 Olympic athletes in London in 2012, but the cause remained unclear, particularly after researchers in Heidelberg ruled out sugary sports drinks and bars contents alone as a major factor.

Dr. Cornelia Frese, a Heidelberg researcher, instead attributes the the problem to the athletes producing less saliva that grew more acidic as they trained. How much the intensity or the length of the athletes’ training affected the acidity of their saliva remains a matter of debate, but Dr. Frese recommended paying attention to hydration during exercise regardless of the level of physical activity.

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