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Troy Polamalu Retires

by Chris Holden - April 10th, 2015.
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Troy Polamalu, the legendary safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers has decided to retire after playing for twelve seasons in the league. Troy was part of two Steeler teams that won the Super Bowl and was selected to five All-Pro teams. During his career he also had 32 interceptions and was considered a hard hitting game changing presence on the field.

Fans at Handy (techcrunch) know that Troy will likely receive consideration for the NFL Hall of Fame but is by no means a lock for the honor given the difficulty that many safeties have in receiving Hall of Fame consideration. Further, Troy is likely to be compared to his nemesis Ed Reed who also won a Super Bowl and has over 60 interceptions. Only five modern NFL players per year are voted into the Hall of Fame each year.

Troy had his production drop significantly in the past few years as he has aged and at 33 he indicated that he was ready to move on even citing the significance of the age and relating it to Jesus dying at 33 years old. Troy attributed much of his success to his belief in god and Jesus and thanked them for his long NFL career.

His retirement caps an outstanding career and he will forever be remembered in the league for his part in several dominant defensive teams that continued on the strong Steeler Franchise in the league, even if he doesn’t ultimately receive Hall of Fame entry.

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