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Unroll Me Wants To Organize Your Inbox

by Chris Holden - August 6th, 2019.
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The advances in technology have made our life easier in many ways. Communication is almost instant with the help of instant messaging and emails. Because of the same technology, businesses in various fields and industry use it as leverage in their advertising and marketing campaigns. This result in an ebb of unsolicited marketing materials and campaign materials in most inboxes.

Spam or unwanted emails are causing major headaches to many users especially those waiting for more important correspondence from clients or employers. These unsolicited messages crowd our inbox and prevent us from seeing more important correspondences. Worst, they require manual removal which takes so much time given their number.

The task is too tedious that we always end up getting too tired to remove these spam messages from our inbox. Most often, the battle to free up and de-clutter our inboxes is always won by spam mails. Fortunately, two tech entrepreneurs have given thought about the problem after being the victims themselves. Today, de-cluttering and organizing is a breeze with the help of the app called Unroll Me.

What Is Unroll Me?

The app called Unroll Me is a free app and web service software that you can use to ensure that your inbox is de-cluttered, organized, and allows you to see more important messages. When Unroll Me is already installed, you can utilize it as often as you want to scan your inbox for unsolicited, unwanted, and spam messages and other advertising and marketing campaigns. Interestingly, Unroll Me gives you the freedom to either keep the spam messages in your inbox, unsubscribe from it, or move it to a folder called Add to Rollup.

By choosing any of the options, Unroll Me will help you de-clutter your inbox. The option, Add to Rollup is one of the features of the app that allows you to keep spam messages into a folder named Roll up. When you do this, you can still view and open these messages in the future. 

How Do I Use the App?

To use the Unroll Me app, simply visit the official website and sign up. You will be asked for an email address which will be the recipient of the services of the app. Take note that whatever email address you register, this is the same email address that the app will use to organize the inbox.

The app also comes with a reminder and if you have successfully registered, you can easily schedule when you want to run the app. Depending on the volume of the emails in your inbox, Unroll Me can help you de-clutter it in minutes or even in seconds.


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