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USHEALTH Group, Helping People Around The World

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2018.
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The life of Randy Hildebrandt really changed for the better once he had an intimate conversation with the president of US Health Advisors, which is Troy McQuagge. USHEALTH Advisors provides health care coverage policies to many families across the entire nation. The parent company of the USHEALTH Advisors is USHEALTH Group. Both companies have a great reputation for themselves and both companies have the same mission as far as giving back to others.

Troy started a mission named HOPE back in 2010, before he had even became the president of the company. HOPE stands for helping other people everyday. Together USHEALTH Group and USHealth Advisors have been working hard to not only provide awesome health care plans to the world, but they have also been doing good deeds all around the world. The companies have donated to Hurricane’s Katrina’s aftermath and the company has has helped many other organizations to help them do amazing deeds as well.

Before Randy joined USHEALTH Group, he had experienced so many moments in his life that left him discouraged, but he did not stop. Instead of giving up, he looked at himself as his own miracle and persevered through all of the hardships. When Randy was younger, he had always thought that he was going to make it to the professional baseball league. After a while of playing baseball, Randy unfortunately hurt himself. See more updates on Twitter

Randy had hurt himself with a shoulder injury. Afterwards, Randy was no longer able to play base baseball so he then began to seek other ways to earn income. At the time, he did not know his purpose in life, he just knew that he wanted to earn tons of money. After graduating from college, Randy had gotten hired at an insurance company that from hours away from his home. Randy liked being in the insurance field, but he did not care for the ethics and the distance of the company that he was first hired at. Eventually, Randy had a detailed conversation with Troy, and he loved the ethics of the company. Randy has been happy since joining the company! Learn more:


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