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Venezuelan Food Crisis Worsening

by Chris Holden - May 12th, 2016.
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Many residents in Venezuela are no longer able to eat three meals each day. According to Reuters, 87 percent of the population reported in a recent survey that they usually ate only a poor breakfast. Residents who earn minimum wage now only earn about 20 percent of the cost of feeding a family of five each day. Not only is food expensive but residents must stand in long lines to be able to buy any food at all.

The lack of food has caused many residents like Ms. Luque to become very angry with the current president. They have signed petitions asking for him to be removed from office. The International Monetary Fund says that inflation may raise 720 percent this year. Yet, minimum wage will raise only 30 percent leaving an ever increasing gap. Therefore, not only are residents eating less often but they are often eating less quality foods.
In a Corporation Wiki report, the president has encouraged everyone to become an urban farmer. Yet, the seeds and veterinarian medicine is not available for residents to raise their own food.

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