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Victoria Doramus Continues To Give Back To The World Through Her Work As A Recovery Expert

by Chris Holden - October 3rd, 2018.
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Victoria Doramus has been through about as much as anyone in this life, and she has managed to overcome it all. Today, she serves as a marketer who is an expert at spotting trends. She also works as a recovery expert who shares everything she can about what she has learned as a woman who suffered for years through drug and alcohol addiction. She was able to continue to work during her addiction in her younger years, but her life eventually became unmanageable, which forced her to seek recovery.

Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) first entered a rehab facility in 2011 in Tucson, Arizona but left without ever really getting to the bottom of her addiction. She stayed at the facility for 45 days and then moved back to LA. She had learned a bit about her addiction while at the facility but hadn’t learned enough. Just like many other addicts, she tried to change-up her friends and move to new locations to start her life over, but she continued to use drugs and alcohol while doing so. In 2016, she tried to get clean again and went to a rehab in Connecticut for 60 days. She left the facility and went back to using again. Eventually, she ended up homeless and was using amphetamines to simply maintain.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus, a philanthropist, made the final decision to turn her life around and decided to enter a recovery center named Burning Tree. The center followed a 12 step program and was different than the other rehab centers she had been to. During her stay at the Burning Tree, Victoria Doramus went to AA meetings and learned more about the underlying behavior that made her an addict. After leaving the Burning Tree center, she lived in a halfway house and ended up learning how to get back on her feet. After visiting her mom, she decided to move to New York where she started working with a spread of nonprofits. During her recovery she had learned how important it was to give back, and she has been doing exactly that for many years now as a recovery expert.

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