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Wes Edens Continues To Be Involved With Many Different Successful Business Ventures

by Chris Holden - September 15th, 2019.
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Wes Edens is a billionaire who has worked with many different companies during the course of his career. He serves as a principal and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and is one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. Edens is the creator of New Fortress Energy, which is a publicly traded company that is working to make electricity more affordable for people. The company is also looking to offer clean energy to its customers and has state that electricity should be made available for everyone in the world. Wes Edens has also been involved in many philanthropic pursuits during his time as a business leader. While serving with New Fortress Energy, the company has been the host for many different Christmas events that have helped to give presents to people in Jamaica.

His finance company has also invested in the country by working to supply energy that is improving its infrastructure. During his time working with the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens has been a very hands-on kind of leader. He has worked to build relationships with the players of the team and has been offering his financial advice that will help them to protect their assets for years to come. Many sports players end up managing their money very poorly, and retired players from the NBA are no different.

Edens has been working with players from the Bucks on a personal level to help them make the kinds of financial decisions that will create the life they want. Wes Edens recently became involved in a different sport recently when he teamed up with Nassef Sawiris to purchase a large share of the Aston Villa Football Club. Wes Edens said that he has been a fan of the sport for most of his life and is now focused on helping the football team to improve its game so it can fight its way back into the Premier League. The club has dealt with many unfortunate issues in recent years, and Edens and his business partner are hoping to be able to provide the stability and financial support that it needs to make a comeback.

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