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Wes Edens: From Humble Beginnings to Renowned Billionaire

by Chris Holden - June 16th, 2018.
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Wesley Robert Edens, commonly known as Wes, is a Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group, LLC. He has been the company’s Private Equity Chief Investment Officer, the President of Private Equity, Principal, Head of Private Equity and the Co-Chairman since August 2009. He additionally serves as a Co-Chief Executive Officer at the company as from 2017. Wes is solely responsible for the private equity and also publicly traded alternative investment companies. He was the CEO of Fortress Investment Group from 1998 to July 2003.Wes Edens acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from the Oregon University in 1984. Since then, he has established himself as a self-made billionaire, thereby making it to number 962 in the Forbes billionaires list in 2008. The New York-based billionaire kicked off his career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers, which is a global investment bank.

The bank dealt in equity, fixed income sales and trading, private banking and private equity. After years of experience, he served at the bank as a managing director until 1993. Shortly after, he moved to Black Rock Asset Investors in the position of a partner and the managing director to the year 1997.Wes Edens is a sports enthusiast. This is evident as he is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also has a video game, League of Legends, to his ownership. The game is developed and published for Windows users. Wes Edens stated that Fortress Investment group would soon launch a new E-sports team to be named FlyQuest. Most employees describe the environment at Fortress Investment Group as challenging, but friendly to employees. This, they say, encourages a flat structure at the organization and teamwork, communication easy.

Additionally, they have described the firm’s human resources as exceptional, praising the firm for granting them required exposure in their specific fields.The Milwaukee Bucks co-owner was recently included in a New York Times article a second time in months. This time, he appeared on the private-equity industry. The magazine also listed Wes Edens’ total pay as $54.4 million annually. This figure includes Edens’ yearly compensation at Fortress Investment Group of $13.4 million plus another $41 million in dividends that he gets as a shareholder. These listings place Wes Edens among the highest earning Private Equity Executives.In addition to his business ventures, Wes Edens actively participates in charity activities where he gives generously to several charity organizations. His philanthropic campaigns include donations to the Chinook Charitable Trust, Autism Speaks, Quincy Jones Listen up Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of New York, William J. Clinton Foundation among others.

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