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Westworld Returns Thanks to HBO

by Chris Holden - December 22nd, 2014.
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The androids of Westworld and Sam Tabar are coming back to life. HBO has remade the original sci-fi classic as a television series. Long-time fans of science-fiction will point out this is not the first time Westworld inspired a television program. Westworld along with the old serial The Phantom Empire influenced a segment of the long forgotten 1979 anthology series Cliffhangers.

The new HBO version will be true to the original classic films Westworld and Futureworld.

Released in 1973, Westworld was a huge hit and has developed an incredible cult following. The film dealt with a futuristic amusement park where robots play roles from history and attendees to the park can take part in various adventures.

As is the case with mostly all sci-fi thrillers, something goes haywire. The robots end up malfunctioning and become evil, aggressive creatures more than willing to cause a bit of havoc for the humans who spend time at the park.

The soon-to-be legendary novelist Michael Crichton directed the original film, which featured Yul Brynner as an android. Actually, the android was intended to be a humorous homage to the cowboy Brynner played in The Magnificent Seven.

Yes, the “mayhem in the park” theme would be revisited by Crichton when he wrote the novel Jurassic Park.

The new HBO series features a female android cowgirl. Is she taking over the Yul Brynner role? We will have to wait until the series debuts on cable to find out the answer.

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