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What Boris Ivanov Achieved at Gazprom

by Chris Holden - May 19th, 2020.
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The business sector is full of many potential business people. The aggressiveness is what makes them unique in their industries and niches. As for many industries, there is a need to have proper training and skills that are requisite for one’s growth. Boris Ivanov is one business individual who has a lot of expertise in the energy industry. His international relations skills have enabled him to become a very successful business. Boris is the founder and the executive director of GPB Global Resources. He possesses a wide range of experience in oil and gas exploration.

Boris Ivanov lives in Monaco, Netherlands, together with his wife and their three children. He has always worked towards ensuring and enhancing the growth of the company. This achievement has been through the identification of new oil reserves every day. The company is also famous for its ability to offer consultation services to other firms in the oil and gas industry. They have also been known for acquiring already ongoing works in the exploration sectors. Learn more about Boris Ivanov at Crunchbase.


Boris Ivanov is from a very successful family. Both of his parents were very aggressive researchers who focused on changing the lives of many people. He grew up loving martial arts and other staff in his childhood. While living in Moscow, Russia, the prominent business personnel was able to master the skills of growing in his career. While in high school, he was outstanding in arts and decided to join the Moscow Institute of International Relations for a degree in International Relations.

Boris Ivanov graduated from the campus in 1980. He was fortunate to join the Soviet Union as a diplomat. His main work was to ensure that he succeeded in his career and thus decided to make sure that he was committed to nothing else but pursuant for success alone. Follow Boris Ivanov on Twitter.


After working for the ministry for one decade, he decided to venture into new things and joined the Gazprom, which exposed him to the oil industry. He was the man behind the successful expansion of the company by helping them move across other borders in search of oil reserves. The Russian oil and gas leader has been known for its commitment to achieving success.




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