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What Can We Learn From Igor Cornelsen?

by Chris Holden - July 5th, 2020.
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Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native who was born in 1947 in Curitiba. Igor joined the Federal University of Parana in 1965 to pursue engineering. After two years, Igor decided to pursue economics. He graduated in 1970 and got a job in an investment bank. In 1974 he was promoted to join the board of directors of Multibanco. In 1976 he was appointed to become CEO. He served as CEO for two years and left when the firm was taken over by the Bank of America.

To learn more about Igor Cornelsen view his Crunchbase profile.

Igor’s next endeavor was to join Unibanco. He worked in this firm until 1985. He moved on to work at Libra Bank PLC, which brought him many opportunities. He invested in American companies, and for the first time, he was involved in the U.S stock market. It was not long before he joined the board of directors for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

In 1995 Igor started his investment firm offering the same services as he did for the London Merchant Bank. He currently works at Bainbridge Group as an investor. His work involves investing in the stock market, foreign exchange, and product investment. Mr. Igor Cornelsen attributes his marketplace triumphs to the experience he gained over the years. He keeps up with the current trends by studying markets and following investment news. Mr. Igor has his interest glued on developing economies. According to him, growth can only be achieved if one is willing to keep on learning.

He associates his ability to be productive as a derivative of sourcing information from Reuters. He claims that Reuters is a good source of investment ideas. He highly believes in facts as opposed to opinions. As long as Igor Cornelsen keeps on following his investing principles, he will continue to be a fountain of financial wisdom. READ:

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