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What You Need To Know About Symmetry Financial Group

by Chris Holden - September 21st, 2020.
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About Symmetry Financial Group

Symmetry Financial Group is an insurance group that began in North Carolina and was started by three individuals, Casey Watkins, Brian Pope, and Brandon Ellison. The three of them have had years of experience in the insurance business and they decided to work together and start their own company.

SFG Core Values

Symmetry Financial Group makes sure to put people first and has their own core values that show how SFG grows, operates, and serves their agents and clients. Read This Article to learn more.

These core values are:

  • People and relationships matter. SFG makes sure that every agency provides exceptional service to the families and homeowners that they help. Making sure to value relationships and support agents so they can provide great customer service is one of the most important core values to Symmetry Financial Group.
  • Always do the right thing no matter what. Symmetry Financial Group makes sure that all of their agents are transparent and honest with their clients at all times.
  • Always work as a team and be positive. The agents of SFG do not have to worry about doing all of the work themselves. SFG makes sure that teamwork is being used in every organization and that the agents always give their clients great service. Go Here for additional information.

Making a Better Future

The products that Symmetry Financial Group provides to families are used to help improve the power of life insurance and can also help pay a college education because the tuition of colleges increases every year and doubles the amount for a private school.

They offer a SmartStart plan which helps the parent to get tax-free funds that can help pay for their child’s college funds. The plan can also help provide a down payment when trying to purchase a home or save as retirement money.


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