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Who Is Sergio Cortes? What Makes Him Amazing?

by Chris Holden - October 23rd, 2015.
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In none world of impersonators, there are certain people who stand out with what they can do on stage. Certain impersonators are blessed with the ability to look like a specific celebrity without even having to try. With the power of natural gift, it’s not that weird knowing that some people like Sergio Cortes are blessed with the face of looking like somebody else. Michael Jackson is Sergio Cortes’ doppelgänger. He looks exactly like the real life Michael Jackson. The clothes he wears, the eye makeup, the foundation, the overall hair, and just how his facial structure really matches Michael all come together to turn him into a real life Michael Jackson.

When Michael passed on, fans of the legend have lost somebody very special. They lost the King Of Pop in their life, and it definitely was hard for everybody in the music industry to accept that Michael was gone. You will find that Sergio does the job with justice, and he has made it his goal to bring Michael to life in his own little unique way. There are people who can dance like Michael and just put on a nice little outfit to really give off that look that they are Michael. However, Sergio knows how to get on stage and give a real show.

For those who have seen him, they will tell you that the one thing that makes him so amazing is just how he knows all about how to bring the crowd in. Has singing skills are on point with how Michael naturally sings. In fact,one can sound just like the original singer, and when he sings the right songs, he gets everybody going. His shows are extremely entertaining for any MJ fan. Those who want to get just one more glimpse of the singer can go to one of Sergios’ shows to get the chance to see MJ’s music come to life on stage.

Sergio Cortes is known for being one of the best in the business of impersonations. The way he looks is uncannily just like Michael. With very authentic looking clothing that he wears on stage, he can turn any MJ music video into a real life stage performance. He has multiple videos all over the Internet that can really help give you the chance to see the singer perform with beauty. Sergio is by far one of the best out there.

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