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Why Isabel dos Santos is a successful woman

by Chris Holden - June 6th, 2019.
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At only forty-two years age, Angolan born businesswoman Isabel Dos Santos is known to be the richest woman in Africa. Isabel dos Santos is the child of Jose Eduardo and his first wife. Jose Eduardo served as the president of Angola for many years, and he retired in the year 2017. Just recently, the successful woman was stated by Forbes to be among the most influential women in the world and also the richest from her continent. According to the prestigious platform, Isabel dos Santos has become wealthy because she has many investments in a wide range of departments. With a net worth of over three and half billion dollars, the executive is currently one of the few billionaires in Africa, and she is the reason why many women entrepreneurs are emerging with success stories in Africa. The life of Isabel dos Santos tells of how a woman with the right influence can change the entire world.

The career life of the business executive started with a bright vision. Isabel registered for her degree in engineering from one of the top universities in London. When she had graduated from her studies, the career woman started a restaurant that was named Miami Beach. At this point in her life, she was only twenty-four years old. But she was focused on making her restaurant become the best in Luanda Island. The success of this single restaurant made Isabel start off so well in the business world, giving her the capital she needed to start different investments. Although her investments keep her occupied most of the time, the businesswoman is a member in the board of different companies that are in Portugal and even in Angola.

Being in the limelight for the career woman has been of great benefit to Isabel dos Santos. The executive has been using her fame to speak to weak communities in Africa and other needy parts of the world. The society has been unfair to her simply because she is a woman. However, Isabel has remained committed in her career goals and in transforming the communities in her continent.

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