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William Saito Leads the Field in Creating Software for Data Security

by Chris Holden - August 14th, 2018.
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William Saito was nothing short of being a child prodigy. His life story is compelling as told in the book “An Unprogrammed Life”. It is the captivating tale of a young genius who taught himself the trade and went on to become a serial business success story. He founded numerous successful companies as a result. Now, he continues his own work while helping others to realize their own success.


His success is no mystery, however. At the tender age of 10, a major stock brokerage hired William Saito to program stock algorithms. Imagine, a young man only in the fifth grade with those capabilities. He went on to start and sell three companies to Microsoft. The industry now recognizes him as one of the world’s foremost authorities on data security. His two passions are data security and entrepreneurship.


His areas of expertise include encryption, biometric technology, and authentication. His life mission is to help secure personal and corporate data from those who would steal it. As such, he has worked with anti-crime and anti-terrorist units that cover a number of complex fields. William Saito also worked with the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K., and Japan.

The biometric software is that which can identify biological traits such as hands geometry, fingerprints, earlobe geometry, and iris and retina markers. The technology can also distinguish voice waves, signatures, and DNA markers. William Saito became a successful programmer in college and created I/Q software capable of integrating biometric data that would lead to such things like fingerprint and eye retina scanners. This type of software is the software utilized in identification recognition systems as well.


Everyone is now aware of the technology that can identify faces in a crowd even in difficult and uncontrolled environments. His book offers some incredible insights into his life and his amazing entrepreneurial abilities. Saito’s life serves as an inspiration to others. One of his most important commitments now is to help those who are just starting out by offering timely advice. He believes that failing fast and early can lay the groundwork for later success.


That is an interesting take on things because most people do not like to fail. He also believes that this feeling results from a societal need to pursue perfection. As a result, all 25 companies that he chose to invest in have been a huge success.

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